Yet Another Perl Hacker Programming Republic of Perl

This is a compilation of little Perl programs that I wrote, most of them meant to be my email sigs. Yes, you heard well, each of those three or four liners that seems to have been typed by a blind baboon are programs that actually do something. Neat, isn't it?

It must be said that unless you are into Perl or under the influence of unhealthy substances, the following will probably seems very boring to you. And any person considering reverse-engineering those little jewels should keep a bottle of aspirin handy. Okay, you've been warned, now go and enjoy yourself.

The sigs usually seen appended to my emails.
Obfuscated programs to obfucaste programs. Yes, you can scream.
Somehow, Ada Lovelace would appreciate...
The Perl Journal Obfuscation Contest
The contest that is to programation what a rabid weasel is to a henhouse.
Wacky Utilities
Yes, sometimes programs can do useful stuff.

[Croisée des chemins]
Yanick Champoux